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Musicians' Focal Dystonia

Discover our world of editions of XVII and XVIII century music, customized online courses (learning Finale/Sibelius, harmony, history of music,
ornamentation), techniques of management of musicians' Focal Dystonia

Vivaldi, Boccherini, Bach, Albinoni, Sammartini, Dall'Abaco, Colombi, Corelli, Biber, Schmelzer, Walther, Westhoff, Castello, Fontana, Marini, Francischello, Jacchini, Handel, Cazzati, Legrenzi, Maschera, Merula, Mortaro, Strozzi, Graun, Telemann and many other composers. Some are very known, some are less... some are not at all! Most titles available on print and/or on download.

Learn how to write music with Finale and/or Sibelius (all levels, from beginner to professional), harmony, history of music, ornamentation of Baroque music (end XVI c. through mid XVIII c.) for instrumentalists and singers. Lessons are given online. You can choose between single lessons, packages of lessons or complete courses agreeing times and modalities with the teacher Alessandro Bares.

A work in progress that makes use of the professionalism of the best practitioners of the Grinberg method and the development by Alessandro Bares of a musician's programme for recovering from Focal Dystonia. The programme allows musicians affected by this disorder to return to playing their instrument with pleasure and professionalism.